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Our Team

Matt Power | Video Production | Gold Coast

Matt Power is a perambulating Writer, Director and Editor who is always looking for the next opportunity to tell a great story. A 90’s kid, Matt grew up on punk rock music, video games and skateboarding. Born in Papua New guinea, Matt has lived in Cairns, Sydney and North America, and now calls Tweed Heads home.

With a background in music and Bachelor in Digital Media & Communications from Southern Cross University Matt is passionate about working with clients on projects from concept to completion. He enjoys crafting content that can their story creatively and authentically. 

A born creator, a talent, a funny man. Ian Mathers has always had ''The Nack" of things. Each and every one of Ian's projects are uniquely different but have a striking, identifiable similarity in quality and creative spark. Ian is 33 years old and lives in Springbrook. Check out more of his work with Good Stuff Productions.

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